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"Accuracy and efficiency through experience"

Quality farm bike servicing in Canterbury 

Established in 1990, Farmbike Services North Canterbury bring over 20 years of experience to the servicing, repair and maintenance of farm bikes, dirt bikes and UTV/ATVs, catering for both farming and recreational users. 

We sell quality secondhand refurbished farm bikes and UTV/ATVs, and can supply new bikes as requested. Our aim is to be known as the one-stop shop for farm bike servicing and secondhand parts in North Canterbury. 

We are constantly upgrading our knowledge of products and bikes and are always looking for new ways to help and support our new and existing customers.

Parts and Accessories

We also sell motorcycle parts and accessories (new and used), and have developed a wrecking/dismantling arm of the business which gives us ready access to parts when completing our repairs, whilst also providing us with parts for sale.

Our years of experience mean we know our product and industry well. This includes knowing not only about current models of bike, but also past models.

 As we have been around in the industry a while, we have been able to accumulate a vast body of knowledge of intricate details (including electrical and mechanical faults) and we have the workshop equipment to diagnose these faults. 

We will always discuss work with our customers, ensuring they have all the details and can make an informed decision on what they would like to be done. We guarantee that you will only ever receive honest and realistic assessments from our mechanics, because customer satisfaction is our first priority. 
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